Saturday, December 24, 2011

Playhouse Loft Railing

This post counts for December 23rd.  I stayed up VERY late last night working on the playhouse in the FREEZING cold.  It was so cold my fingers hurt even with gloves on!  I finished making the loft railiing safer by installing the balusters.  I also installed the 2x4's that work as the hand rails on top of the loft railing and ladder railing.  I also put in a self-closing gate at the top of the ladder to keep people from falling off off the ladder opening to the loft.  I made the gate self closing by attaching the gate to a string that is connected to a counter weight.  When the gate opens, the counter weight pulls on the string to pull the gate closed.  I also had to disassemble and rebuild the steps on my ladder, because they were too unstable.

I had to stay up late to get this all done, before showing it to my parents on Christmas eve.  I didn't have a second to spare to even take pictures last night, so I took them this morning.  (That's why the picture has a 12/24/11 date stamp.)

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