Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seven Window Salute! (2012-064)

As planned, I installed the final window today!  I installed the previous  five windows as I finished building them.  I still need to install trim to seal the gaps around the window panes.  But until then, I opened the windows to salute to the camera.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Windows, Windows, Windows (2012-063)

Geez!  I am waaay delinquent in posting.  But my excuse is that I've been working in a self-imposed Chinese window making sweat shop!  The playhouse needs SIX more windows, so I've been working like a madman making windows whenever I don't need to work or raise kids.  I barely had time to take a few pictures of me making windows.  Tonight I assembled the last window.  Then I will install it tomorrow.  Here are pics of the last window, plus a few other windows since my last post.

Me toiling away with my palm sander.

Wood stain, wood stain, and more wood stain ...