Sunday, June 24, 2012

Windows Again (2012 - 043)

I had to yet again test my motivation to build the playhouse by disassembling and rebuilding all three of the windows I built so far because the z-bar metal flashing I used was too small to channel rain water over the top edge of the siding I plan to use. So I had to install a new larger z-bar.  I also used bigger wood to trim the bottom of the windows.  Here is a picture of the rebuilt west wall window.  It looks virtually the same, but you can clearly see the larger bottom trim, and if you look closer, you can see the larger z-bar.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dormer Roof Window Trimmings (2012-041)

On Sunday, I added the thin plywood as siding for the small dormer walls (first two pictures).  The acrylic I used for the windows is pretty thin.  It's strong enough as along as no one pushes or hits the windows hard.  But as an added precaution, I replaced the temporary railings I had before installing the windows with more nicely finished permanent railings (last picture).

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dormer Roof Window (2012-040)

The dormer roof window is up!  I actually got it done last night, but I didn't take a picture until today.  The dormer still has small portions of wall that I need to cover with some exterior material.  Right now I just have felt paper for coverage.  I will probably use  thin plywood for the job.  But my primary goal this weekend is to finally get siding from Home Depot.