Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walls All Painted Revised (2013-008)

Since I wasn't pleased with the blue on the top and bottom, I dared to use the green.  But I chose to use it on the top floor instead of the bottom as I originally planned, and I like the results!  Since half of the second floor wall is a window, I only had to paint the bottom half bright green, so it is not too overwhelming to look at.  Now the different colors on the top and bottom "floors" add some visual dimension when looking at the east wall and the play house doesn't feel so small.

Here's a picture of the orange west wall.


  1. This is a pretty huge playhouse. I like your playful choice of colors for the walls. I’m sure the kids will like it. You can add vinyl wall art; something that they will enjoy staring at while playing in there. Well done! ->Blair Construction L.L.C

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