Sunday, October 9, 2011

Playhouse Loft Level

Today I finally put in the loft level for the playhouse.  I had to work into the night to do it.  I got the plywood panel on top of the joists, but I still need to screw it down.  Next I need to put more thought into how to anchor the whole structure to withstand an earth quake or maybe even just Renee and her friends who will likely jump around a lot inside the playhouse.  When  I stand up on the loft level myself, it kind of sways a little, if I shake the walls.  The structure should stiffen up when I put plywood onto the framing.  But I think the structure will naturally be top heavy if there are people on the loft and no one on the bottom floor.

Here's the loft!

Playhouse night lights.

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