Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playhouse Concept 2

This is a follow up to my January 6 posting for a playhouse concept I am thinking of building this year.

We have a small back yard, so there is not much room for both a play house and a large dining table for back yard summer barbecues.  So I have an idea to make a structure that can do both ...

In this concept, the west side of the structure will have the kid sized door and windows to give the appearance of a play house.  The kids can have fun using the doors and windows that fit their size.  Then the south side can completely open up with French doors and the east side can completely open up with something like accordion doors.  So adults could also use the structure like a gazebo.

I did a quick Google image search for accordion doors and about all the results were for the cheap looking vinyl accordion doors I've seen in offices, hotels, and restaurants. I don't want that look.  I was thinking of doors that fold up like accordion doors.  But I want "slatted" wooden doors styled like those in a tropical beach house. 

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